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Welcome to Blackacre State Nature Preserve and Historic Homestead. Our mission is threefold: to Preserve Blackacre’s natural and historic features, promote outdoor environmental education, and share Blackacre’s cultural heritage with the community.

Blackacre, Kentucky’s first State Nature Preserve, was established in 1979 and has influenced hundreds of thousands of school students, teachers, and volunteers with environmental education programs through the public school system.  The 170 acre farm, donated by Judge Macauley L. Smith and his wife Emilie Strong Smith, was their home for 32 years.  The Smiths created Blackacre Conservancy to maintain the historic home, farm buildings, and the lands for the benefit of the people of Kentucky.

 Located only 25 minutes from downtown Louisville, Blackacre is a haven and a resource for its community.  Visitors to Blackacre can explore the grounds and trails, watch and feed the horses, cows, and goats in their open pastures, tour its historic homestead, and participate in many of the educational and recreational programs and events Blackacre has to offer.  Blackacre is also a partner of the JCPS system, hosting outdoor education programs and field trips during the school year to both JCPS and other local private schools.

This website is a portal for uncovering the wealth of resources Blackacre has to offer. But nothing can capture the experience of discovering Blackacre for yourself. So why not pay us a visit? Admission to Blackacre is free. Make your escape: come see what’s waiting for you at Blackacre.