Welcome from A. Dale Josey, Executive Director

Welcome from A. Dale Josey, Executive Director

Dear Friends,

As the new executive director of Blackacre, I am pleased and honored to serve the community as the steward of this truly unique place. Being a passionate environmental advocate, a supporter of outdoor, hands-on education, and a history buff, I’ve found that working in a setting so rich in both natural and Kentucky history is fulfilling. Coming to Blackacre, I was delighted with my welcome from our wonderful volunteers, our truly dedicated board of directors, and a number of other talented individuals committed to the challenges of keeping the Presley Tyler House (c. 1844) and the Tyler Homestead (c. 1795) operational into the 21st Century.

Already, Blackacre serves over 9,000 students a year, bringing them to a place still unspoilt by the developments and stresses of the digital age. I invite you to join them: come and explore our numerous trails, crisscrossing fields, forests, springs, and ponds. Unplug yourself from the 21st century for a little while, enjoy the peace and calm of Blackacre—I promise, the hectic pace of modern life will still be waiting when you return. In the meantime, let your family remember, learn, and savor the precious lessons Blackacre can still teach us, lessons about old fashioned values—including common courtesy and respect for the land and its inhabitants—that we cannot afford to forget.  So make plans to follow the twisting gravel road (as I did) to a unique historic homestead and open yourself up to a new perspective on the important qualities of life.

With this in mind, follow the frequent updates on our website and social media for new programming the entire family can enjoy at Blackacre. I look forward to seeing you out here.


A. Dale Josey
Executive Director