Farm Animal Friends Sponsorship Program

The “udder” truth is that we need amazing supporters like you to help keep great programs like our farm animal feedings going! 

One of our favorite ways of sharing Blackacre with visitors is through our Farm Animal Feeding Program & School Field Trips. Since Blackacre is a hidden gem right off of Taylorsville road many children who visit us have never seen real farm animals before! Providing them the opportunity to have this experience is a privilege!

However, our little farm animal friends here at Blackacre are very expensive to maintain. Did you know that the average horse can eat up to 20lbs of hay a day and goats can eat up to 4lbs!  Blackacre receives NO state funding to help support the upkeep of our nearly 300-acre preserve, historic homestead and farm. We rely on generous supporters to help us continue to share & preserve this special place with the community!

So on September 14th, 2017 Blackacre launched our New Farm Animal Sponsor Program!  You can help us get this program off to a strong start! Supporters can donate by sponsoring one of our lovable cows, horses, baby goats and of course our donkeys - Taco & Salsa! If you are passionate about assisting us in continuing these great programs you can become a monthly Farm Animal Friend Sponsor. Monthly donation levels range from $5 - $20 a month! Click on one of the sponsorship options on the left to get started!

Help us keep this nearly 20 year tradition alive! Become a Sponsor!