We are excited to welcome visitors to Blackacre for a fresh new year! To help you better navigate our grounds when you come for your next visit please note the following updates below:

Blackacre Parking Field Closed Until Mid-April: As some of you might have noticed back in December we did some re-seeding of our grass parking lot. In order give our baby grass a little more time to establish itself we will have the parking field closed until Mid-April.
So where do you park? Good Question!
Blackacre’s blue and white pick-up trunk will be parked along the side of the gravel road across from the entrance to the parking field. Next to this truck is where we are asking everyone to park until the field is open or on days when we get heavy rain. 
Big Shiny New Red Gate: If you have been out to Blackacre recently you may have noticed that the homestead has a new red gate that, on weekends and when the office is closed, is chained shut.
Never fear though! Unless you see signs up indicating otherwise, this does not mean that Blackacre is closed to the public.
We are doing this to limit cars on the homestead and to encourage foot traffic instead. Please feel free to walk around the gate and come onto the grounds with clients. To help protect the homestead grounds and to encourage a healthy walking community 🙂 cars are not permitted on the homestead without permission.

Thank you so much for visiting Blackacre and we hope to see you out here soon!