Extensive renovations are near completion on our 1844 Presley Tyler Farmhouse. A company that specializes in historic home preservations, has been working the past four weeks to restore the exterior of the home to its true nature and original construction. After decades of exposure, the mortar joints between the hand-made bricks were eroding.  A highly skilled crew of trained masons repointed the exterior walls. This is a process of replacing the old morter with new, to protect it from the outdoor elements and ensure that it will hold for many years to come. Other exterior work being done includes reglazing the Greek-revival styled windows, wood detailing, and painting. Plans are to open the house up for tours this summer. We are in the process of raising funds for the next initiatives which focuses on the restoration on the roofs, turkey shed, weaving shed, stone cottage and 1795 double-crib barn. Funding for the Farmhouse project was made possible by the Emmy Smith Preservation Fund. 3200 Tucker Station Road, Louisville, KY 40299 Please help us to continue protecting and restoring our historic homestead where significant Kentucky history happened. Donations to our 501 (c)3 non-profit can be made on-line by clicking on the above Support tab or mailed to:  Blackacre State Nature Preserve & Historic Homestead 3200 Tucker Station Road, Louisville, KY 40299