April’s Featured Photograper is Katie Willis Rhodes Photography!

Last month we featured a bright and colorful photo that celebrated the spring to come. With spring weather still alluding us though, this month we chose a picture that shows us that despite rain, rain and more rain you can always turn your lemons into lemonade and turn soggy weather into puddle jumping fun!

Katie Willis Rhodes is a Jtown resident and all-occasion photographer.She believes that capturing candid moments can make an already awesome photo even more outstanding! In addition to photography, Katie loves to make jewelry, crochet, bake, and tackle fun diy projects!

To learn more about Katie and her photography, visit her website at www.KatieThisKatieThat.com Congrats Katie! You can follow all of our upcoming featured photographers on social media with the #FeaturedPhotogFriday 

“I love Blackacre for so many reasons. From my perspective as a photographer, it’s the perfect all-occasion venue year-round. While I have photographed many occasions at Blackacre, from private weddings to holiday sessions inside the Presley Tyler farmhouse, I am well aware that rain will create some obstacles when clients show up wearing their best. I often jokingly tell my clients that if they step in the mud (or better yet, if their little one does a belly flop face first into a muddy patch) that I will definitely take a picture. In all the years that I’ve been a photographer permit holder, to my dismay no one has every actually took me up on my offer for a family photo session in the mud … until now! Just as we were finishing up this session, this little guy took off running and leaped right into the mud puddle and boy was I excited to capture it (before his mom captured him of course). I thought this would be a great photo to share for the month of April since, as they as, April showers brings May flowers.” - Katie Willis Rhodes