Celebrate those special to you with gifts that make a real and lasting difference.  

Save on shipping by ordering over the phone with curbside pick-up.   Call 502-266-9802.

Kentucky-crafted Ornament of 1795 Barn  ($20 + $5 shipping)

Our Kentucky-crafted wooden ornament features Blackacre’s 1795 Appalachian Style double-crib barn, one of the few left standing in America. Each one is hand stained and carved on Maple wood.

General Membership and Artisan Ornament ($60 + $5 shipping)

Memberhips bundle includes:

  • Newsletter and email updates
  • Blackacre car decal
  • Advance registration to programs and many of our popular events including workshops, summer camps, nature and historic programs!
  • Discounts to select programs.

PLUS, you will also receive a Kentucky-made wooden ornament that features the homestead’s 1795  barn.

Donate Gift Bundle ($100 + $5 shipping)

Your donation supports the following:

  • Animal Care
  • Summer Story Time
  • Education Programs
  • Conservation
  • Historic Preservation

Included with your donation is a Kentucky-crafted wooden ornament of our 1795 Historic Barn.


Blackacre Cap ($25)

Our custom leather patch hat features a blackacre logo.  Choose between two colors: blue or khaki.

Limited in supply. Call the office to purchase at