On February 13th we hosted a Valentines dinner at Blackacre where people enjoyed private dining in one of the historic Presley Tyler House rooms. We were touched to hear some of the sweet stories about their experience from our guests.
Joe and Cristina (photo above) posted on Facebook, “Saint Valentine certainly blessed me! I experienced a wonderful evening with my Valentine. Martini’s Italian Bistro catered dinner at the historic Blackacre homestead.   The night was made complete with a violin duet from Händel’s Water Music Suite. I love you, Cristina Martin ! Thanks for the best Valentine’s evening ever! By the way, she promised to spin some straw into gold for me with that spinning wheel!”
For another couple, the violinists, Quintrilogy, played the song the she walked down the wedding aisle to.
Mary and John said, “It was the best Valentine’s date ever! Fabulous food, great wine, and unforgettable night.”
We were so pleased that we were able to make it a magical night!