Legacy Gifts

Legacy Gifts: Supporting Blackacre for the enjoyment of future Generations

The original estate gift of Blackacre to the Commonwealth of Kentucky by visionaries and ‘founders’ Judge Macauley L. and Emilie Strong Smith was a profound statement of their commitment to the preservation of the land and historic buildings on their former homestead. So doing accomplished the Smith’s intention of permanently protecting the site. Later Blackacre Conservancy, Inc. was created to preserve and share Blackacre’s natural legacy and early settlement history by maintaining and interpreting the Nature Preserve and Historic Homestead for the Community.  With your vital assistance the Conservancy can continue to provide a long term funding source for education and important maintenance of the over 200-year old settlement. Now family, Tyler descendants or just friends of Blackacre can do their part by continuing what the Smiths started by preserving Blackacre for future generations.

For many of our supporters, a bequest as part of estate planning is one way to create a lasting legacy.  It’s a simple designation within a will or revocable living trust which transforms that will or trust into a powerful statement of values and aspirations. It has little or no impact on your lifestyle today, and it may also help realize significant tax savings. Wills, trusts, appreciated securities, retirement plans, life insurance, and life income gifts provide a reliable source of support that is not subject to economic, social, or political fluctuations. Blackacre Conservancy is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible.

All bequests to Blackacre are placed into a permanent investment account with unrestricted income distributions for programs and services.  Bequests fall into two basic categories: (1) a fixed dollar amount or (2) a percentage of the net value of an estate. Other estate–planning vehicles include charitable remainder trusts and charitable annuity trusts, through which donors can make financial contributions that either yield a life income to the donor, with the rest going to Blackacre, or provide income to Blackacre over a scheduled period of time, with the asset leaving the estate. Most trusts provide tax deductions as well.

Any estate planning professional should know and understand all of the options. Please join Macauley and Emilie Smith in making a legacy impact for future generations to enjoy in memory, too, of your generosity. Make Blackacre a beneficiary of your Will or Life Insurance Policy.

The wording of your bequest is very important.

Below are some examples of suggested wording to ensure your bequest is clear and be directed to Blackacre Conservancy, Inc.  according to your wishes. Please note that the following suggested language is intended only as a resource for you and your lawyer as you plan your charitable bequest to Blackacre.  This information should not be construed or relied on as legal advice from Blackacre Conservancy, Inc.

  • Your charitable bequest should be directed to Blackacre Conservancy, Inc. in your will. Sample wording to include bequests of a specific sum of money: “I hereby give to Blackacre Conservancy, Inc. the sum of $ (amount) for its general purposes/specific purpose.”
  • To include bequests of property including real estate or valuable items such as stocks, bonds, jewelry or works of art: “I hereby give to Blackacre Conservancy, Inc. (description of property) for its general purposes.” Please note that unless the property is considered useful to Blackacre, it will be sold and the proceeds used by Blackacre Conservancy, Inc. in accordance with its charitable objectives.
  • To include bequests of the rest or residue of your estate: “I hereby give to Blackacre Conservancy, Inc. all (or a stated percentage) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate for its general purposes.”


Before making your gift.

Planned gifts should be considered carefully. We recommend that you consult an attorney, financial advisor, or estate planning expert in preparing your will or trust. Blackacre Conservancy, Inc. does not provide legal, financial planning, or tax advice. We can provide you with a list of attorneys, including certified financial planners and other estate planning professionals, to provide assistance as needed.

Remember at Blackacre your planned gift assures future generations will also enjoy the preservation, conservation and educational enrichment of this special place created by the continuing generosity of the Smith Family.

For more information on how you can benefit the enjoyment of Blackacre in-perpetuity please contact our Executive Director A. Dale Josey at 502.266.9802 or Blackacre1844@gmail com.