We are excited to be working with Level Up Louisville for some great pop-up classes! 

“Here at Level Up our mission is to connect, educate and inspire women to get out there and explore their communities, learn something new and spark their creativity.  We do this through community local classes taught by local experts in the coolest places Louisville has to offer as well as our blog and community events.  We chose Blackacre as one of our host partners because we believe it is one of those Louisville’s hidden gems, a little piece of paradise in the city that begs to be shared and we hope to show how versatile and welcoming of a space it can be!” Natalia Bishop, Founder of Level Up Louisville

Join us for two great classes!

October 24th - Photography Basics - Rock Your Christmas Card Edition:

Do you have an awesome DSLR sitting at home but keep using it on auto and you can’t get your images looking quite right? Have you tried watching youtube tutorials and tweaking the settings, but things aren’t quite “clicking”? (get it??! ha!) Then this class is for you! Join the ridiculously talented Natalia Bishop as she takes you through a journey on how to Rock your camera and take killer photos! http://www.leveluplou.com/classes/rock-your-camera-101

October 12th - Yoga Basics: 

This one hour class is designed specifically for Yoga beginners or those who have never practiced Vinyasa before to help make your first experience much more comfortable and enjoyable. Our amazing friend and yoga teacher, Jess Malloy, will walk you through all the beginning steps and give you the basic skills you need to put you in the path of success for your own yoga practice going forward! http://www.leveluplou.com/classes/yogabasics