Blackacre State Nature Preserve and Historic Homestead provides the perfect engaging environment for students to learn essential content in interesting ways that supports their progress toward academic standards. Our quality programs offer unique and memorable experiences for your K-12 students. We offer students the opportunity to learn what life was like for a pioneer family, explore our 200 year old homestead, interact with our farm animals, or hike through the many acres of our nature preserve .

We encourage teachers to think of their time at Blackacre as an extension of their classroom. Field trips typically consist of three education programs which generally last from 45 minutes to an hour each plus time for lunch. 

Teachers may choose from any of our core lessons.

  • Homestead Tour-Students will explore and learn about the Tyler Homestead. They will visit the barn, springhouse, smokehouse and Tyler kitchen. There will also be time to say Hi to the farm animals! This lesson is a great opportunity for students interested in learning about a local pioneer family and how they used resources from the land.
  • Forest and Field Hike-students will explore and discover the diversity of life found in the forest and field. As they search for evidence about animals living in each area, and make observations about the plants, they will draw conclusions about patterns of life found in nature.
  • Pond Study-students will take a hike to Dragonfly Pond where they will have the opportunity to observe aquatic organisms that live in and around the pond. This lesson will concentrate on life cycles of organisms and habitats.
  • Weathering and Erosion-students will take a hike down a newly formed creek bed and discover the effects that moving water has on weathered rocks. Their exploration as a Geologist will lead to amazing conclusions about the forces that shape the land.

Some teachers choose to use our resources as an introduction to a new subject. Others use the preserve to reinforce existing knowledge. Whatever your purposes or interests, Blackacre’s education staff is ready to make your visit meaningful, enjoyable, and connected to the students’ real world experiences. We look forward to your visit!

For more information or questions, email or call us at 502-266-9802.