Blackacre’s homestead and surrounding nature preserve provide the perfect engaging environment for students to learn essential content in interesting ways that supports their progress toward academic standards and development of capacities and dispositions necessary for success.     

 JCPS has a long history as an educational partner with BSNP. For the past 24 years, JCPS programs at Blackacre have hosted from 6,000-10,000 visitors annually, primarily K-12 students participating in environmental education programs. We encourage teachers to think of their time at Blackacre as an extension of their classroom. Class visits typically consist of three on-site programs that students rotate through. These generally last from 45 minutes to an hour each plus time for lunch.  

Teachers may choose from any of our core lessons or work with our staff to craft lessons that target specific areas of study. 

Homestead-Tour-Students will explore and learn about the Tyler Homestead. They will visit the barn, springhouse, smokehouse and Tyler kitchen. There will also be time to say Hi to the farm animals! 

Forest and Field Hike-students will explore and compare the plants and animals that live in the forest and field. With a hands-on approach to discovery, students will look for animal tracks, evidence of animal habitat and hopefully see a few of our wild animals. 

Pond Study-students will take a hike to Dragonfly Pond where they will have the opportunity to observe aquatic organisms that live in and around the pond. This lesson will concentrate on life cycles and habitats. 

Weathering and Erosion-students will take a hike down a newly formed creek bed and discover the effects that moving water has on weathered rocks. Their exploration as a Geologist will lead to amazing conclusions about the forces that shape the land.  

Whether you choose from one of our core lessons, or work with our staff to design your own experience, your students will have the perfect opportunity to apply their JCPS Backpack skills while learning historical and scientific concepts! 

For more information or to schedule a field trip, call Sherry Coons at 266-9802 or email

*Please note that due to a change in the partnership between Blackacre Nature Preserve and JCPS schools, a $7.00 per student program fee will be charged for all groups. Please let us know if this creates a hardship and we will look into alternate funding sources for your school.