The JCPS Curriculum Management Unit is responsible for coordinating the JCPS field study experiences at Blackacre. The Curriculum Management Unit is part of the Curriculum and Instruction Department, JCPS Gheens Academy, whose mission is focused on professional and curriculum development. The Center works with schools and the community to enhance environmental education opportunities for JCPS students and staff.


The JCPS field study experiences at Blackacre are designed for the following audiences:


  • JCPS teachers, staff, and students in professional development and field study programs, which support the classroom curriculum (Ky. Core Content for Assessment) through experiential, interdisciplinary approaches.
  • The community at large through collaborative courses with the University of Louisville, JCPS Adult Education, the Cultural Consortium, and other community educational organizations.
  • Focused, long-term field study programs in support of the JCPS Environmental Studies Magnet Schools.


JCPS officials meet at the Blackacre office

JCPS officials meet at the Blackacre office

For the past twenty-three years, JCPS programs at Blackacre have hosted from 6,000-10,000 visitors annually, primarily K-12 students participating in environmental education programs.  Field study programs are develpoed to maximize connections to the daily curriculum.  Programs are currently being developed as extensions to the JCPS adopted science modules.  Traditionally, the programs are scheduled during the school day, most being one day in duration. 

Fee: $7 per student

For more information or to schedule field trips, call Sherry Coon  at 266-9802 or email