St. James Summer camp 1
Students from St. James Summer camp at the Schick Nature Center
Students from non-Jefferson County Public Schools and independent schools may visit at Blackacre for the purpose of a Conservancy-taught field trip on Fridays and other days not utilized by JCPS for field trips.

The Blackacre Conservancy Education Program provides quality programs that offer unique and memorable experiences for non-Jefferson County Public School students, K-12. These visits create opportunities for students to interpret and understand their natural environment and cultural heritage as well as their responsibility for them. Triggered by natural curiosity and an interest in the world around them, students receive an interdisciplinary application of Standards-based concepts and principles including science, math, social studies, literacy, arts and humanities, and practical living.

We encourage teachers to think of their time at Blackacre as an extension of their classroom. Educational programs are arranged by our education staff and made to align with classroom curriculum and state standards. Once a time is reserved, our staff contact field trip teachers to plan their programs. Class visits consist of three on-site programs that students rotate through. These generally can last from 45 minutes to an hour each plus time for lunch. Of course, considerations are made to accommodate particular grade levels. Visiting teachers are asked to lead one of the programs while Blackacre Field Instructors teach the remaining two.  A complete listing of topics and programming offered can be found here: Blackacre Educational Programs

Fee: $9 per student

St. James Girl & Craft
St. James Camper 2
Some teachers choose to use our resources as an introduction to a new subject. Others use the preserve to reinforce existing knowledge. Whatever your purposes or interests, the Blackacre Conservancy’s Education staff is anxious to make your visit meaningful, enjoyable, and connected to the students’ real world experiences. We look forward to your visit!

For more information or to schedule field trips, email us at: